11 March 2009

March as I know it so far...

Just a random note full of ramblings...

There's absolutely NOTHING new and/or exciting happening so far this month. Let's see if I can pull something out of me arse... I got my new FOID card. That's exciting. Can now buy ammunition again. I bought and received my new knitpicks knitting needles. They came in the mail yesterday. They're f'in awesome! I can't wait to really use them. So far I've just fondled them and stuff. I got a Harley t-shirt from Belize. That's pretty cool. It was a gift for dog sitting. Can't beat that! I made an attempt at cleaning the second floor of the house today. That's going to take more than a day, but at least I got the ball rolling. I figure if I work on it a little everyday (or every other day) I'll be done before you know it!
I wrote a paper today for my Humanities class. What a waste of brain power. The class, note the paper. I write kick ass papers. Will be interesting to see how he grades. I have another paper due for my Soc class next week. Not too worried about that one. Going to try and start sooner than the day it's due. I do that. Always. Okay, always with the exception of this humanities paper. I did it the day before. Woo! Guess I shook the procrastination bug! Wont let that happen again! Damn me! Procrastinate or die! Sounds like a union saying. Wait, that's Unite or Die! lol I was close!
Okay, speaking of unions. I have a union meeting tonight. I kind of dread them. Mine are boring and only recently did more than two people start speaking to me. I guess that's why I'm still going. The more I go the more people talk to me. Membership has its priveledges! :) So, maybe I'll get luck and win the 50/50. I could use a couple extra bucks in my pocket. Or, mabye they'll have a job for me. That would be even better! Wont get my hopes up though. Will take my check book. I think it's time to pay dues. Don't want to get booted out for something as silly as forgetting to pay dues. Rather be early than late. Guess I don't procrastinate in that department.

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