18 February 2011


So, I've been thinking about tattoos lately. Probably don't need anymore, but that's never stopped me before. This picture is of number three (the mandarin characters), number four (the fish), and number eight (the butterfly). I have a total of eight and I'm thinking about a zillion more. Okay, maybe three more. I want something knitting related. I'd like Rosie the Riveter (to honor my grandmother that worked as a Rosie during WWII). And my super secret tattoo that will be in such a light color that only I will be able to see it. Well, and anybody that I choose to share it with. I can't necessarily afford to get a new tattoo, but that's never stopped me before either. So, really this is just a random useless blog because I wanted to see how one would go about posting a picture. So, here it is. If there's any new tattoos... they'll be posted here too. :)