28 April 2009

Bally's & the YMCA

I have actually worked out at Bally's a couple of times now since I re-upped my membership. Can you believe it!? I should've gone today, but I was running errands with my Mom and then had some reading to do for school. Will definitely go tomorrow! I actually like going. It makes me feel good.
So, I mentioned once before that I won a three month family membership for the local Y. I had J talked into joining with me. It took three weeks, but I finally got him to go with me and sign up. Woo-hoo! We're official members of the YMCA now! The next trick will be actually getting him over there. I'm excited! They have three swimming pools! I'm an okay swimmer, but J used to swim competatively so that'd be a great workout for him. And! They have raquetball courts. I'd love to play again! And J says he has a raquet too! I'm going to dig mine out this week and hopefully I can get him to play with me next weekend. Hell, if I can get him to go at all that'll be a major improvement. I wish he were a morning person. I'd drag my weary ass out of bed every morning if I could get him in the gym before work. We talked about it after we signed up and he knows that it would pump him up for the day, but he's by no means a morning person and reminded me of that. Sigh. I'll come up with something. I just want him to get healthy. It would make him feel so much better. Baby steps! We've gotten this far and it's definitely further than I thought we'd've gotten by now. We're definitely on the right track.

21 April 2009

Three weeks of dieting... ugh...

So, on April 4th J and I weighed in after a week of dieting. He lost 12 pounds! As a matter of fact... so did I! Awesome day! I was definitely more excited for him than I was for me, but wont deny that I thought I'd done pretty damn good myself. So, we continue doing what we're doing and after two more weeks we weigh again. This past Saturday, April 18th, we headed over to our friend Barry's house to do the official weigh in. I'm pretty sure before we get there that I've gained some weight back. No particular reason aside from the fact that I'm a bit lazy. So, we get there and I have indeed put 4 pounds back on. Oh well. Not the end of the world. I need to keep the other folks in this little competition guessing, right? :) So, J gets on the scale and he's lost another 12 pounds! He's my hero! That's 24 pounds in three weeks! I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of him! He's doing phenominal and he's not complained once since we started. Imagine how much he could possibly lose if he was exercising! We're joining the YMCA this coming weekend. I won a three month family membership so he's getting sucked in with me. I was looking at their web site a couple of days ago and they have a lot to offer. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully once we start going he'll actually want to go. Who am I kidding? I need him to drag me over there the first time. I'm such a damn chicken shit! Once I get over there at least once (maybe twice) I'll be much more comfortable with the idea of going alone. We'll see what happens. Hopefully it'll be another healthy change for both of us.

03 April 2009

Sleep... or the lack there of

I'm not sure what my problem is, but I can't get myself to go to sleep at a normal hour. I used to, but ever since I got laid off (six and a half months ago) I can't. I would love to be back on a normal schedule, but it seems as though when everyone else is going to bed, I'm just geting my second wind. It's starting to drive me insane. Well, maybe not insane, but a little batty. I never thought I would say that I actually miss getting up at 4:30am for work. Hell, who am I kidding? I miss work! A crazy thought when you actually have gainful employment. I don't even know where I'm going with this. It's two minutes to two in the morning. I wanted to go to bed an hour ago, but there's always just one more thing I want to look at online or I just absolutely have to check my e-mail one more time. Who am I kidding!? No one is up sending me e-mails in the middle of the night and nothing I want to look at online can't wait until tomorrow! This blog is a perfect example actually. I didn't have to write this. I could've just gone to bed. Maybe I'll try that now. Maybe...

01 April 2009

I got on a scale

Well, a friend of ours decided that a bunch of us should get together and do our own biggest loser. Each of us are going to put in $50 and after three months the person who has lost the highest percentage of weight will win the pot. Most of us weighed in this past weekend. I think there are supposed to be ten of us. $500 in the end would be nice. Although, losing some much needed weight would be nice too. However, since I'm still out of work after six months, I could use the money in a major way! Anyway, my brother, Bubba and I went and weighed in Sunday afternoon and it's official... I'm fat! Holy hell! How did this happen!? Ten years and one week ago I weighed 300+ lbs. I can't give an exact number because I honestly don't know what it was. The most I was ever weighed at was 292 lbs, but I know I gained at least eight pounds after I got on the scale that day. Nine years ago today I weighed approximately 150 lbs. I shit you not! I looked hot! It was probably five years ago (if that) that I was down to 125 lbs. Didn't look hot (although at the time I thought I did)... looked sick (and I have pics to prove it)! LOL So, I would guess that last year at this time I was probably 175-180. Not ideal, but not the end of the world. Hell, at that weight I was still wearing a size 12 so the sky was not on the verge of falling. So, on Sunday, my fat ass weighed in at 201.5 lbs. Are you fucking kidding me!? I'm over 200 lbs!? This is what being out of work does to a carpenter. Well, a lazy carpenter at least! Shit! So, it's a good thing we're doing this biggest loser thing because my size 14's are starting to get a bit snug... oh and they're warn out and falling apart too. So, I need to lose weight so I can get into jeans that aren't falling apart. Not to mention that I'd really like to be healthier and back at my fighting weight. I'm aiming for 160. If I can go a little under that... awesome! If I'm 165 that's okay too, but not more than that! I've worked too hard to get healthy to let myself get fat again! So, I've already started the South Beach Diet and I re-upped with Bally's yesterday. My goal is to hit the gym a least three times a week (I'm aiming for more than that to be honest). I'll make an effort at posting milestones, etc. No guarantees as I'm totally lazy! Oh, and the pic above is me taken within the last week. Looking like ASS! Rolls everywhere and what's with the freakin' bandana!?