20 February 2009

I got stuff!

I probably shouldn't gloat, but I'm going to anyway! I got stuff today! Good stuff! Great stuff! Awesome, wonderful stuff! Well, at least I think it's all of those things. I received a pack of 40 Tetley tea bags (I love this tea!), two 5-packs of Airwaves gum (I love this gum!), a giant Cadbury milk chocolate bar (not the crap made in the states... the good stuff!), some super cute stickers (no you can't have any!), and a bottle of Rimmel HOT PINK nail polish. Where did I get all this wonderful greatness you ask?! One of my LSG tweasles sent it to me from the UK! NinjaNeedles is my favorite Ninja in the whole world! And her stationary is the shit! I seriously am going to spend the evening searching for stationary online. I never thought I wanted cool stationary until I received this package! That is all. I'm going to make tea and paint my nails! Oh happy day!!!!

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