17 August 2009

Here we go again...

So, things at work were going pretty well, finally. I'd been with this new company for ten weeks and a day as of today. We usually wrap up for the day at about 2:20pm and we're out the door at 2:30pm. A few minutes before two my foreman tells me to start wrapping up. I must have looked a bit confused because he then explained that I was done on that job and that I was to call the Superintendent after work. I'm sure the color drained out of my face. I knew what was coming next. So, I finish the job I was on, wrap up, return tools that I had borrowed and load up all my stuff. I ask him if I should call the super right then and I'm told no, wait until about 4pm and then call him. Oh, okay. So, I called him at 4pm. Chatted a while. Things are slow all over, no surprise. Apparently, this is most likely just temporary. Possibly off for four to six weeks and then hopefully there will be work to go back to. Could be shorter. Of course, could be longer too. Just when you think you've got life by the horns... you get stabbed in the ass.

13 August 2009

Bad Drivers

Have you ever noticed that some drivers, while waiting to turn left, turn their wheels in the direction they're waiting to turn in? Do they not realize how stupid this is?! Seriously people! Did you not learn that you are NOT supposed to do this in drivers ed? What if I'm behind you, not paying attention, and ram right into the back of your vehicle? Where are you going to go? In the direction your wheels are facing, right? And, if you've turned your wheels that means you're going to be pushed right into on coming traffic. Does that seem like a good idea? I'm thinking not! Also, to the same people that turn their wheels in the direction of the turn, stay in your lane! Seriously! Inching out into the lane of oncoming traffic... seriously STUPID!

Done ranting. Thank you!