15 March 2009

Am I an ass?

About a week and a half ago I was making meatloaf. I took off my claddagh (Irish) ring and put it in my sweatshirt pocket. The next morning when I put my sweatshirt on again the ring was gone. Double Damn! So, after I got home from welding all day I searched high and low for it. No ring, but at least the kitchen was clean and shiney. I then proceeded to search the rest of the house. To no avail. So, after pouting a bit and wondering what to do, I decided to go buy myself a new one. Now, the problem with this is that you're not supposed to buy your own claddagh ring. Apparently, you're also not supposed to ask for one either. My boyfriend, who is not Irish, says to me, "You can't buy your own!" To which I reply something to the affect of, "I know, but I need a new one." He offers to buy me one and I say thanks, but no thanks. I didn't want him to feel obligated to get it for me. So, later I appologize for being a snot and tell him it was a really nice offer, but he doesn't have to do that. He says he wants to. Okay. Guess I should just say thank you and take him up on the offer. That was last Sunday. He said he probably wouldn't have time to go to the store I wanted to get it from during the week and I said that was fine. We could go next weekend (now this weekend). Well, it's about twenty minutes to four and the store closes at five. I'm guessing we're not going again this weekend and I'm sure he wont have time to go during the week once again. Am I pissed? Yep! Does that make me an ass? I have no idea. And quite honestly, I don't care right at the moment. I'm just pissed. I want a new ring! I haven't been without a claddagh ring on my finger since I was probably 13 or 14 years old. That's 20 years! My finger doesn't know what to do! So, now I'm debating just going to the store today before they close and buying my own damn claddagh ring and being done with it. Will that make him feel like an ass. Unlikely. Would more likely go unnoticed unless I pointed it out to him. Would be even more likely that if I didn't keep bringing up going to the store that he would forget he ever made the offer. Damn I'm pissed! Was hoping this blog would get it off my shoulders and make me feel better. Didn't work... still pissed!

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