28 January 2009

School: Take 2

So, last night I'm sitting in my humanities class wondering if I'm the only idiot who isn't understanding one damn thing that the prof is rambling about. I'm taking lots of notes and hoping they're going to make sense when I need them. I finally turn to the girl next to me when class is just about over and say, "Is any of this making sense?" to which she replies, "None." This should make me feel better, right? Somehow, it doesn't. I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty damn smart IMHO. So, if no one is understanding what the hell he's rambling about how are any of us supposed to learn shit?! It's just frustrating as all get out! *headdesk*

Now, in my second class of the evening, things actually make sense! The instructor is very nice and explains things and starts conversations and everyone is understanding what we're talking about. I actually enjoy this class and look forward to the discussions.

So, I absolutely hate dragging my ass out the door to go to school because I know I have to sit through an hour and a half of the rambling jack ass before I get to go to the class I like. I know it's stupid to complain about it because I have to go regardless of how I feel towards the man or the class, but it really does make enjoying school not so enjoyable.

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