15 May 2009


So, last night I was out to dinner with some of the ladies that I used to knit with when one of them says she might have a job for me. Woo-hoo! Side jobs are wonderful! She tells me that one of her aunts needs her stairs repaired. That's easy enough. Then goes on to tell me that this same aunt is a knitter and spinner. Ears perk up... definitely sounding interesting. So, she says that another aunt suggested that we barter. I fix the stairs at no charge and the knitting/spinning aunt teach me how to spin at no charge. I think this sounds like a fantastic idea! So, I tell her that I'm all for it. The only requirement is that the aunt would have to buy the materials for me to fix the stairs. I then would of course buy my own roving to learn to spin with. I gave her my e-mail and phone number so hopefully I'll hear from her. I would LOVE to find someone to teach me to spin! Yea! Exciting!

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