18 May 2009

Damn mouth still hurts

So, on the 11th I wrote a blog complaining about how badly my mouth was hurting. I'm here to announce that the damn thing still hurts! Badly! Okay, may be exagerating a very little bit. It still hurts enough to get my attention and really annoy me. I find myself sitting with my hand across my cheek because A) it somehow makes me feel better and B) if my hands are cold it's like a cold pack (yes, I sometimes get that cold). I quit taking the vicodin on Friday. I suppose this indicates that it's not hurting nearly as bad. I can pretty much control the pain with advil so I suppose that's better. It seems to really kick in to pain mode later in the evening. Like now for instance. It sucks. I'm tired of it! I don't go back to the doc until Thursday morning. I hope to hell it quits hurting by then. It's been twelve and a half days... will this pain ever end!?

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