15 May 2009

BC Pills

I'm a bit irritated by drug companies and insurance companies. This isn't anything new, but it was thrown in my face again while I was watching the news and it really pissed me off. I heard on the news (or on a commercial during the news) that phiszer (not sure how it's spelled) is going to give away viagra to men that have lost their jobs. Are you fucking kidding me!? This seems like the least of their worries, don't ya think? Why does this piss me off so bad? Well, let me tell ya. It used to be that drugs like viagra and cialis were covered by prescription drug plans (the insurance companies). Covered. Really? Is it that important for a man to get hard? I mean, seriously, I know everyone (most everyone I think) enjoys sex, but should a drug that makes your dick hard really be a covered/paid for medication? I've been on and off birth control pills for the last seventeen or so years and I don't recall any insurance company ever picking up the tab for that. So, they'll pay for a man to be able to have sex, but they wont pay for a woman to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. How does that seem right? Is it more cost effective for an insurance company to pay for the prenatal, postnatal and life long care of a new human? It seems that paying for birth control would be much more cost effective in the long run. Maybe I'm just bitter because the cost of my birth control (each month) has recently gone from $64 to $75. Yes, I pay $75 per month for the convenience of not getting pregnant. When I was gainfully employed it was annoying, but doable. Now, it sucks. It would seriously cost me less to get knocked up, let the insurance company pay for the pregnancy and the kid and apply for state aid. Okay, I know it wouldn't cost me less than $75 a month to raise a kid, but it's just so fucking mind blowing that they'll pay for and/or hand out free viagra-type drugs, but not for birth control. Am I the only one that finds this wrong?!

Getting off my soap box now. kthxbai

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