28 April 2009

Bally's & the YMCA

I have actually worked out at Bally's a couple of times now since I re-upped my membership. Can you believe it!? I should've gone today, but I was running errands with my Mom and then had some reading to do for school. Will definitely go tomorrow! I actually like going. It makes me feel good.
So, I mentioned once before that I won a three month family membership for the local Y. I had J talked into joining with me. It took three weeks, but I finally got him to go with me and sign up. Woo-hoo! We're official members of the YMCA now! The next trick will be actually getting him over there. I'm excited! They have three swimming pools! I'm an okay swimmer, but J used to swim competatively so that'd be a great workout for him. And! They have raquetball courts. I'd love to play again! And J says he has a raquet too! I'm going to dig mine out this week and hopefully I can get him to play with me next weekend. Hell, if I can get him to go at all that'll be a major improvement. I wish he were a morning person. I'd drag my weary ass out of bed every morning if I could get him in the gym before work. We talked about it after we signed up and he knows that it would pump him up for the day, but he's by no means a morning person and reminded me of that. Sigh. I'll come up with something. I just want him to get healthy. It would make him feel so much better. Baby steps! We've gotten this far and it's definitely further than I thought we'd've gotten by now. We're definitely on the right track.

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