25 July 2010

My how time flies...

So, July is almost over. I'm not sure how it disappeared so quickly. If I would've listened when older people said to enjoy life because as you get older it starts to go faster, what could they possibly know, I would've wasted a lot less time. Well, at least I think I would've, who really knows. At any rate, July is coming to a close.

As usual, so much has been happening since I last wrote that it's hard to wrap my head around it all. Let's see, the bank approved my offer on the house. I close in less than a week! I'm so excited and nervous and stressed out that I can barely stand it. Mostly excited though! The closing will either be on Thursday the 29th or Friday the 30th. I'm torn. I want to get it over and done with on Thursday so I can get to work on cleaning and painting. Yet I'd rather do it on Friday because if I'm off on Friday they can't ask me to work on Saturday, therefore giving me the weekend to get started on cleaning and painting. Thing is that I will have a mortgage to pay and should therefore be glad to work on Saturdays from here on out! :) We'll have to wait and see what the verdict is. I'll hopefully know tomorrow. My lawyer has to contact the seller's lawyer and find out which day is available. I originally told my lawer, Peter, that I'd prefer Friday, but honestly which ever day they tell me is fine with me.

I'm going to have dinner with one of my dearest friends, Susie, on Thursday evening. We're calling it our closing celebration dinner. I figure that regardless of whether I'm already closed by dinner time or going to close the next day it's a good reason to celebrate.

We were on strike for almost three weeks. Let me rephrase that, the laborers and operating engineers were on strike for almost three weeks, and we honored their picket lines. It worked out well because there were things that needed to be done at the "almost" house to get approval for the loan. That gave me plenty of time to get everything taken care of. At the same time it sucked because I had no money coming in and lots of money going out. Wasn't the best feeling when I knew I'd be closing on a house by the end of the month. Fortunately, the strike ended late Monday night and we went back to work on Wednesday. Hopefully it wont take me too long ot catch up and replenish my savings account. Don't want to leave myself short when it's time to start paying my mortgage. That sounds crazy! LOL It's hell growing up and being responsible!

There are tons of other things happening. Will try to write more sooner rather than later. However, right now I feel an extreme need for a nap. So, napping I go. :)

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  1. Loving the blog, Chrissy! Maybe now we can keep up with each other (and our rantings! hee hee)